SOC 226: Women & Gender Issues: Use Summon

Professor Sakellarides, Fall 2015.

What is Summon?

Summon is a discovery search tool that helps you to easily find all types of LVC Library resources.

Use Summon to begin your research or to find additional resources. 


Summon does not search everything the library has access to; it should not be used exclusively. 

It can, however, be a valuable additional resource.

What Does Summon Search?

Summon search results include:

  • Library Catalog Items - Audiobooks, books, e-books, movies, music and more.
  • Database & Journal  Content - Full text articles, e-books, music, documents and more.
  • LibGuides - Online research guides created by LVC librarians.
  • Open Access Resources - Freely accessible web resources such as full text articles, dissertations & theses, patents, e-books and images.

Search Help

Summon is set up with a "Google-like" search box.  You can, however, perform more targeted searches with the advanced search page or by using search techniques such as:

  • Exact Phrase Search - Glue phrases like "attention deficit disorder" together
  • Field Search - Title, Author, Subject, ISBN, etc.
  • Boolean Operators - Combine terms with AND, OR, NOT
  • Wildcards - Use * and ? to find multiple word endings

See search examples to the right.

How Do I Access Summon?

Access Summon from the "Search All" tab on the library website

Search for all types of materials or to limit to articles only.  For more search options, use advanced search. 

Summon Search Tips

Search Description Example

"religious freedom"


Exact phrase search

  • Glues words together.
  • Searches words exactly as they appear within " ". 


"freedom of religion"

"free will"



Include words

  • Narrow your search by including multiple search terms.
  • Summon automatically assumes AND when you use more than one search term.

church "race relations"

is the same as

church AND "race relations"


Use synonyms

  • Broaden your search using synonyms combined with OR.
  • Use parantheses when combining synonyms with other search terms.

religion OR religious

(religion OR religious) "young adults"



Exclude words

  • Use NOT or a (-) sign before a word or search term you want to exclude.
  • The (-) sign must appear right in front of the excluded word (no space).

"catholic church" NOT pope

"catholic church" -pope

For more information about Summon, please see the Summon LibGuide.