LVC Authors: Faculty: 2013 Celebration Photos

2013 Speakers Photos

Assistant Professor of Biology, Kristen Boeshore, presents “The Role of Polyamines & Transgoutaminase in Nerve Regeneration.”

Assistant Professor of History, Michael Schroeder, presents "Hotly Contested Terrain:  The Challenges of Writing a Social & Cultural History of the Sandino Rebellion in Nicaragua, 1927-1934."

Photos of the 2013 Celebration Display

A view of the 2013 faculty display. Thirty-one faculty members participated in this year's celebration.

Associate Professor of Art and Department Chair of Art and Art History, Michael Pittari's Darkness and Light. [Oil on canvas, 30x42 inches].

Assistant Professor of Digital Communications, Mathew Samuel's Book cover Religion, Politics, and the Earth: The New Materialism, Candy Factory mural, Lancaster, PA and a collaborative effort with Jeffrey J. Ritchie, Chair and Associate Professor of Digital Communications, Historic Old Miami: The Magic City. Mobile Storytelling, iDMAa Conference.


Photos from the 2013 Celebration

Michael R. Green, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty; Professor of Humanities introduces the speakers.

Faculty members review the library display. Thirty-five faculty members displayed their scholarship and pedagogy which included: articles, books, conference papers, presentations, posters, disserations, manuscripts and works of art.

Faculty gather for the reception and discussion.

Additional Photos of the Celebration