MSC 242: History and Literature of Music: Articles

Professor Lapp Norris, Spring 2013.

Where Should I Begin?

Begin with Music Index Online.

No luck?  Try CAIRRS next.  

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Interlibrary Loan, or ILLiad,  is a service that will provide you with books that LVC does not own. 

Most of the library's databases will provide an interlibrary loan/ILLiad link on each of the results you find.

You can also request a book via ILLiad from the library's homepage.

We'll borrow the book from another library for you.  We'll notify you by email when your material arrives.

How long does it take?

Books will take a bit longer (they have to come through the mail)--allow two weeks.

Find Articles

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Resources listed below are not considered core sources of information for music, but nevertheless may be useful.

How Do I Find Full-Text?

Identify a Scholarly Journal Article