BIO 324: Invertebrate Physiology: Articles

Professor Wolfe, Spring 2014

Where to Begin

You'll get the best results if you search for articles in a subject database that focuses on your topic. 

Two good databases for finding journal articles on invertebrate physiology:   BIOSIS Previews or Biological & Agricultural Index (part of OmniFile Full Text Mega).

Search using the common or genus name and additional keywords like anatomy, anatomical, life history, life cycle, taxonomy, morphology, physiology, or reproduction.


Image source:  Al2.  Helix aspersa. GFDL.  Wikimedia Commons.


Summon Search: Biology

Summon is a discovery search tool that you can use to begin your research or to find additional resources. Summon does not search everything the library has access to; it should not be used exclusively. It can, however, be a valuable additional resource.

Use the customized search box below to search for journal articles indexed in Summon under the discipline of Biology.